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Application of NTC Thermal Chip in New Energy Vehicle IGBT
2018/06/26 08:06:14

Application of NTC Thermal Chip in New Energy Vehicle IGBT


For new energy vehicles, battery, VCU, BSM, and motor efficiency lack space for improvement. The most space-enhancing part is the motor drive part, and the most core component of the motor drive part is IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The type of transistor chip is the most in need of attention.


IGBT accounts for about half of the cost of the motor drive system, while the motor drive system accounts for 15-20% of the total vehicle cost, which means that the IGBT accounts for 7-10% of the total vehicle cost, which is the second highest component except the battery. It also determines the energy efficiency of the vehicle.


Not only the motor drive uses IGBTs, but also the new energy generators and air conditioners. In addition, the core components of DC charging piles and high-speed rail are also IGBT tubes, and the raw material cost of 30% of DC charging piles is IGBT. Electric locomotives generally require 500 IGBT modules, EMUs require more than 100 IGBT modules, and a metro requires 50-80 IGBT modules.


IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Power Tube) is a compound fully controlled voltage-driven power semiconductor device consisting of BJT (Bipolar Transistor) and MOS (Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor), which combines the high input impedance of MOSFET and The advantages of the GTR's low on-voltage drop. The GTR saturation voltage is reduced, the current carrying density is large, but the driving current is large; the MOSFET driving power is small, the switching speed is fast, but the conduction voltage drop is large, and the current carrying density is small. The IGBT combines the advantages of the above two devices, with low driving power and reduced saturation voltage.


NTC thermistor chip is one of the most critical components in IGBT modules for temperature measurement and temperature compensation. The resistance value of the NTC thermistor decreases with the increase of temperature. The heat dissipation problem is solved during the operation of the IGBT module, and it is important to avoid the damage of the IGBT module caused by the excessive temperature.

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