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NTC Thermal Chip for Inverter Air Conditioner
2018/06/21 04:06:01

NTC Thermal Chip for Inverter Air Conditioner

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioning has become an essential electrical appliance for every family. Driven by the policy of home appliances going to the countryside, inverter air conditioners have received national policy support. As consumer psychology becomes more mature, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and comfortable inverter air conditioners have gradually penetrated the hearts of the people.


The inverter air conditioner adopts relatively advanced technology, and the voltage at startup is small, which can be started under low voltage and low temperature conditions. This is certain for some areas where the air conditioner is difficult to start due to unstable voltage or low outdoor temperature in winter. Improve the role. It also adapts to the heating requirements of a larger area due to the infinitely variable speed of the compressor.


The advantages of inverter air conditioners are reflected in the core technology of high temperature control accuracy. It can control the amount of cooling (heat) of the air conditioner by changing the speed of the compressor. The amount of refrigeration (heat) has a variation range. For example, the 36GW variable frequency change is 360-400W, and the heating capacity is 300-6800W. Therefore, the indoor temperature control can be accurate to ±1°C, which makes the human body feel comfortable. The IGBT used in the temperature control component adopts the international leading trench structure + field cut-off technology (Trench + FS) to reasonably optimize the device current density, and at the same time optimize the device process according to different system applications to obtain the best saturation guide. Balance of voltage drop (Vce(sat)) and turn-off loss (Eoff). Perfect for electromagnetic induction heating, inverter welding machines, frequency conversion appliances, industrial frequency conversion, new energy and other fields.


As one of the most important components in the IGBT, the NTC thermistor chip plays a leading role. The NTC thermal chip is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor. It is made from transition metal oxides and is made from advanced ceramics. These metal oxide materials all have semiconductor properties because they are completely similar in electrical conductivity to semiconductor materials such as germanium and silicon. When the temperature is low, the number of carriers (electrons and holes) of these oxide materials is small, so the resistance value thereof is high; as the temperature increases, the number of carriers increases, so the resistance value decreases. The NTC thermistor varies from 10O to 1000000 ohms at room temperature and has a temperature coefficient of -2% to -6.5%. With these features, NTC thermistor / temperature sensor can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation, suppression of inrush current and other occasions.


NTC thermistor chip can make IGBT products get better temperature protection, making new home appliances safer and more energy efficient.

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