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NTC Thermistor for Electroniccigarette
2018/06/16 10:06:02

NTC Thermistor for Electroniccigarette

Electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes, which are essentially different from cigarettes in that they do not burn, contain only purified nicotine, and remove other carcinogens found in ordinary cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy is used to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine inhaled by smokers, thereby helping smokers to quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette is controlled by the high-tech silicon chip and airflow sensor to control the output and working status of the smoke. The nicotine is atomized, and the solution containing nicotine and flavor is atomized into particles, which are absorbed by the lungs and emit simulated smoke. It does not contain tar and other harmful components in cigarettes, nor does it generate secondhand smoke and does not permeate or linger in confined spaces. While traditional cigarettes are lit up with tobacco leaf or tobacco, which harm the health of smokers and non-smokers. In addition, the solution in the built-in nicotine tank can also modulate the taste of various flavors of cigarettes according to different flavor prescriptions, different nicotine content, etc., and even can customize the taste of a certain brand of cigarettes specified by customers according to the special needs of customers.

As shown in the figure, the electronic cigarette is composed of a smoke oil storage chamber, a spray chamber, a sensor, a BLE module, a lithium battery, and a mode indicator. The high working temperature of the electronic cigarette may have a certain influence on the components of the smoke oil. The temperature of the smoke may also cause damage to the respiratory tract. If the temperature is too high, the atomization core may easily burn. Because the temperature control system to avoid high temperature to destroy some flavor components and affect the user's taste when heating smoke oil, a glass-encapsulated NTC thermistor element is needed, which is located next to the heating element and passes the NTC heat-sensitive element. The resistance element detects and controls the temperature of the electronic cigarette during use, avoids excessive temperature and damages the internal parts of the electronic cigarette, and reduces the working life of the electronic cigarette.

Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. independently R&D NTC chip and NTC thermistor. NTC thermistor has three characteristics: high precision, high reliability, and high sensitivity. It has won the title of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise and High-tech Enterprise, and owns hundreds of NTC patents. Being in the leading position in the industry, it is also the NTC thermal chip engineering center in Guangdong Province, from the NTC semiconductor materials to NTC chip R & D manufacturing, production and sales of the entire industry chain.

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