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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using NTC Thermistor in Dryer
2018/06/14 02:06:50

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using NTC Thermistor in Dryer


NTC thermistors are temperature-sensitive resistor. Their ability to conduct voltage is affected by the temperature. A dryer’s circuit board is programmed to respond to the level of voltage conducted by the NTC thermistor.




Compered to other types of temperature-sensitive resistors, the principal advantage of NTC thermsitors is their sensitivity. Thermistors react to even mild changes in temperature. They can accurately detect wave of less than a single degree in temperature. Overheating could destroy the whole appliance, NTC thermistors are high sensitive devices, they can prevent dryers from overheating.




The sensitivity of NTC thermistors also carries some shortcoming. NTC thermistors can be damaged or destroyed if temperature undulate outside of the acceptable range. If the thermistors is broken, the dryer will not operating at all. All of the thermistor are custom-made, they are rarely interchangeable. So it can be hard to find replacements for old, out-of-date appliance.


Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. independently R&D NTC chip and NTC thermistor components. We dedicated to developing NTC thermistors suitable for different applications. High-precision and highly reliable NTC chip have a service life of up to 10 years in a normal work environment. 

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