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NTC Chip Bonding Conditions
2018/05/31 05:05:43

NTC Chip Bonding Conditions


1. According to the requirements of NTC thermistor chip thickness and glue sealing height to select  bonding mode.


2. Such as while bonding with aluminum wire is need according to the properties of the pad metal bonding and NTC thermistor chip. Especially, attention to elongation, because it will affect the solder joint attachment quality (expressed as the tension and the reliability of the connection).


3. Bonding machine need to pay attention to situation and make appropriate adjustment. Such as: pressure, alignment, time, ultrasonic energy.


4. Pay attention to the vertical distance and short circuit problem between aluminum wire and NTC thermistor chip.


5. PCB cleanliness are important factors which influence the bonding qualified rate.


6. The width of golden finger and the thickness of gold plating for PCB bonding are effected to the bonding quality and reliability.

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