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High Precision NTC Thermistor in Arm Belt Intelligent Thermometer
2018/05/29 02:05:17

High Precision NTC Thermistor in Arm Belt Intelligent Thermometer


Mercury thermometers are commonly used in families to measure children's temperature, but children are often uncooperative, and parents worry about children biting mercury thermometers with their teeth.In addition, electronic thermometers are also used to measure the temperature. It needs to check whether the temperature increases regularly every 1 hour.


At present, there is a new type of thermometer on the market. It has the characteristics of high precision. It can accurately detect the temperature and record the highest temperature measured. Its unique design is the most attractive place. The skin permeable arm band is suitable for most babies aged 0-3 years old. The length is 14-19cm. Not only does the breathable armband eliminate heat and moisture, the elastic bandage creates uniform contact pressure and does not harm the baby's arm.


The intelligent thermometer is mainly controlled by NTC thermistor. It can accurately read the temperature of the oral test, and then determine the patient's fever based on the temperature. At the same time, a smart thermometer can be connected to a phone through an audio interface. The corresponding application on a mobile phone use to judge the severity degree of fever, give a reasonable solution according to different levels. You can even via their mobile phones to send information to the private doctors, convenient parents contact doctor in time.


Our DTM series medical NTC thermal chip and IT series micro miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor have high precision characteristics, suitable for thermometer production, accuracy up to ±0.5%. It can accurately reflect the temperature changes , you can also customize different parameters according to customer requirements. To know more information: http://www.exsense.cn/products/

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