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Function of NTC Thermistor — Temperature Compensation
2018/04/24 04:04:28

Function of NTC Thermistor — Temperature Compensation


Electronic components usually have a certain temperature coefficient. The output signals of components will drift with the temperature, which is called "temperature drift". In order to reduce the temperature drift, compensation measures are used to offset or reduce the temperature drift of the output, which is the temperature compensation.


Sensors are widely used in various kinds of industrial and agricultural production, in the process of production need to access to information through its transformation for easy transport and processing of signals. Most of the sensitive element of sensor USES metal or semiconductor materials, the static characteristics and environmental temperature is closely related. In the actual work, due to the large temperature variation of the working environment of the sensor, the thermal output caused by the temperature change will lead to a large measurement error. At the same time, temperature change also affects the size of zero and sensitivity, which in turn affects the static characteristics of the sensor. Therefore, measures must be taken to reduce or eliminate the effects of temperature changes, which requires the temperature compensation of the sensor through the NTC thermistor.


The Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor is called NTC, and its resistance decreases with the increase of temperature. The NTC thermistor is mainly made of manganese, cobalt, nickel and copper oxide as the main materials and made of ceramic technology. Temperature coefficient of NTC thermistor -2%~-6.5%, it can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation, surge current and so on.


Our company independently R&D NTC thermal chip and NTC thermistor components, and is dedicated to developing NTC thermistors suitable for different applications. High-precision and highly reliable NTC thermal chips have a service life of up to 10 years at high temperatures and high pressures in work environment. In the production process, we strictly guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. We provide long-term NTC thermal chips and components for well-known manufacturers in IGBT, optical communication, and laser. 

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