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NTC Thermistor for Electronic Clinical Thermometer Thermometer
2018/04/27 10:04:18

NTC Thermistor for Electronic Clinical Thermometer Thermometer


The electronic thermometer consists of a temperature sensor, liquid crystal display, button cell, special integrated circuit and other electronic components. Compared with the traditional mercury clinical thermometer, it can measure the human body temperature quickly and accurately. Electronic clinical thermometer with fast reading, short measurement time and high precision of measurement. The electronic thermometer is mercury-free and harmless to the human body and environment. It is suitable for home and hospital use.


The electronic clinical thermometer uses a temperature sensor to output an electric signal and directly outputs a digital signal or converts a current signal (analog signal) into a digital signal that can be recognized by an internally integrated circuit, and then passes through a display (such as a liquid crystal, a digital tube, an LED matrix, etc.) The digital display shows the temperature reading.


Since the body temperature is measured, it is influenced by the temperature measurement time, air, and different parts of body, thereby causing temperature deviation. In order to obtain accurate temperature data, we need to perform temperature measurement at specific locations.


The core component of an electronic thermometer is the temperature-sensing NTC temperature sensor. The IT series temperature sensor for electronic thermometer can be as high as ± 0.5%, the reaction speed is 2.8 seconds, and the annual drift rate of resistance is ≤ 0.1% (equivalent to less than 0.025 °C).


The NTC thermistor and temperature sensor made of NTC thermistor chip independently manufactured by our company can be used for measuring temperature in different fields. Exsense has been adhering to the high-precision, high-reliability, and high-sensitivity route, which supply NTC thermal chip and components for domestic and foreign famous manufacturers. To know more details can be consulted by phone, email and QQ.

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