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Packaging Method of NTC Chip Thermistor
2018/04/11 05:04:20

The Packaging Method of NTC Chip Thermistor

1. Blue film packaging

This model is applicable to the application of COB bonding technology. The adhesion of the blue film is weak, so the NTC chip is only attached to the membrane surface.

The bonding machine can easily select the chip and aviod the damage from the NTC chip.  Engineers can easily work by adjusting the distance of the machine picking NTC chips.

2. Pallet packaging

Pallet packing is suitable for long distance transportation. It can protect the  NTC chip from colliding and cause chipping and cracks.

3. Plastic bag packaging

This mode is fixed and suitable for the production of NTC thermistors and NTC temperature sensors.


4. Glass bottle packaging.

This mode is customized. A thick glass bottle can protect the NTC chip from damage in long-distance transportation or other environments.




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