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NTC Thermistor Chip Parameter For Optical Communication, IGBT
2018/03/29 12:03:48

NTC Thermistor Chip Parameter For Optical Communication, IGBT

Exsense Electronics Technology Co.ltd Professional manufacture Ag/ Au electrode NTC thermistor chip and NTC thermistor components for about 10 years. And we knows well for temperature control and measurement area.

Because NTC thermistor Chip is necessary components application for temperature control and measurement. Temperature control are relax with the resistance and the accuracy. Exsense Company can control the quality strictly. And we would try to satisfy to every customer requirement for the resistance, accuracy and size etc. 

Regarding the Ag/Au electrode NTC thermistor chip customers, Exsense company had some industry to use this series products. Specially, optical communication,IGBT and semiconductor module.

Optical communication customers:
Size: 0.3*0.3mm, thickness: 0.3mm
Resistance: 10kohms, 3930A
Accuracy: 2%

IGBT Customers:
Size: 0.5*0.5mm,thickness:0.3mm
Resistance: 10kohms,4050A
Accuracy: 1%

In additions, This series NTC thermistor chip had UL certifications.

In accordance to upper customers, the package had blue film.

Exsense company is custom manufacturer, we can make as your parameter for the NTC thermistor chip and ntc thermistor components.

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