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Using IGBT Mould Inside with NTC Thermistor Chip
2018/03/29 01:03:46

Using IGBT Mould Inside with NTC Thermistor Chip

In the IGBT module converter device. One of the most critical parameters is the temperature of IGBT chipThe direct measure is to install a temperature sensor on a chip or as part of a chip.Doing so will reduce the effective area of the chip's current capacity. A viable alternative is used to determine the temperature of the chip, starting with the measurement of the temperature of the substrate and using the thermal model to calculate the IGBT temperature.In many infineon power electronic modules, thermistor is often integrated, also known as NTC, as a temperature sensor designed to simplify precise temperature measurement.

IGBT has some new encapsulated modules in which the internal encapsulation has a temperature sensor (NTC). Such as power integration module (PIM); Six unit (EconoPACK)FS series; Three phase rectifying bridge (Econobridge); EasyPIM; EasyPACK; Easybridge; 4 unit h-bridge (econo-fourpack); NTC temperature sensors are encapsulated in modules such as the enhanced half-bridge (Econodual +). The NTC is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, which can effectively detect the steady-state shell temperature (Tc) of the power module. The NTC thermistor parameters encapsulated in the module are identical. NTC is installed near the silicon to achieve close thermal coupling, according to the different modules, can be used to measure the temperature of the module shell temperature sensors and chips encapsulation directly on the same ceramic substrate (DCB), NTC thermistor can also be installed on a single substrate, greatly simplify the measuring process of the module shell temperature.

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