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IGBT Marketing Development Related With NTC Thermistor Chip
2018/03/29 12:03:52

 IGBT Marketing Development Related With NTC Thermistor Chip

IGBT is one of the core components in new energy vehicles. It plays an important role in the new energy vehicles,and as a high-power high-frequency switches is widely used in the inverter, power supply converter. It is mainly used in the electric drive system and power supply system.With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, IGBT's future market potential is huge.

Power semiconductors account for 50% of the semiconductor used in new energy vehicles, and IGBT is the main power semiconductor used in new energy vehicles.The electrification of the power assembly system of the new energy vehicle makes the use of the semiconductor components of each car greatly increased.The IGBT module of the new energy vehicle is generally 600V~1200V/200A~ 800A, and the IGBT module needed for the charging pile is relatively small.

High-power IGBT in the new energy vehicles, such as power electronic device not only for high performance requirements, at the same time more strictly to the requirement of reliability, such as automobile application of IGBT life expectancy for more than twenty years, the requirement of power cycle for tens of thousands of times or even one million times, and need to work in a different environment and climate.

Because of IGBT is highly requirement for the performance.Then Exsense company had manufacture gold/ silver plating NTC chip for using in IGBT. The gold plating chip is more high stability and high precision for temperature measurement.

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