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Function of the Water Temperature Sensor
2018/03/29 12:03:29

The Function of the Water Temperature Sensor

One of the characteristics of automobile technology development is that more and more parts adopt electronic control. According to the function, it can be classified as temperature, pressure, flow, position, gas concentration, speed, light intensity, dry humidity, distance and so on. If one of a sensor fails, the corresponding device will not work properly or even work. So, the sensor is very important role in the car. 

There are two types NTC temperature sensor was installed in car. Temperature sensor and the inlet temperature sensor, the two types sensor are all with the same characteristics thermistor. The
thermistor components is also very importance in temperature sensor. The shape is plug in sensors. its temperature coefficient are negative.The water temperature sensor is installed in the engine cooling water channel. Its function is to detect the temperature of the cooling water of the engine. The shell of the water temperature sensor is fully enclosed. Water temperature is detected by the change of the resistance value.The temperature is detected by the change of the resistance value have a signal voltage input to the water temperature sensor, the ECU to control of ignition time according to the cooling water temperature, revisions to real-time control the engine oil spraying, guarantee normal running engine under different conditions.

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