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Infrared Thermopile With NTC Thermistor Chip
2018/03/29 11:03:43

Infrared Thermopile With NTC Thermistor Chip

Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. specializing manufacture in the production of NTC thermistor chips which can be used in the infrared thermopile, IGBT, optical communication module, etc. To measure temperature,Exsense company in NTC thermal chip componets of precision can be ±0.5%, high reliability, high stability and high temperature resistance.In additional dimensions can reach 0.3*0.3 mm,and chip surface is silver electrode or gold electrode. A small square chip made of ceramic.

Infrared detector is one of the most important component of infrared thermometer, infrared temperature measurement technology development always is closely related with the improvement of the infrared detector.According to the working mechanism, infrared detectors can be divided into two categories, heat detector and photon detector.

1. Thermopile
The thermal power of infrared detector is a wave model. It is made of vacuum evaporation and lithography technology which has a high integration degree. It contains up to 200 thermocouples, and the sensitivity is quite high.

2. NTC thermistor
Thermistor for the infrared detector is mainly for the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) oxide semiconductor. Thermal slice thickness is 10um and shape is square rectangular. The length is 0.1 mm~10 mm.Resistance is generally a few hundred thousand to a few ohms. Thermistor chip on the evaporation and electrode leads on both ends of long surface coated with black layer in order to increase the radiation ability.
Usually will have the same structure and performance of two thermistor assembly in the same package, only one to accept the infrared radiation energy become a work element, the other being blocked up not accept energy called compensating element.The function of the compensation element is to eliminate or reduce the influence of small ambient temperature changes on temperature measurement results.

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