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Learn More About Cold Chain of NTC Thermistor
2018/03/29 11:03:33

Learn More About Cold Chain of NTC Thermistor

Cold chain logistics temperature recorder is an electronic instrument capable of recording temperature data automatically.It is similar to the plane's black box, the whole process automatically tracks the temperature changing in the refrigerator, container and freezer.
The temperature data recorded in the transportation process is stored in the recorder.
When to transporting fruits, vegetables, dairy products, frozen food, drugs, sensitive electronic materials reach the destination. The driver or staff remove refrigerating transportation temperature recorder is connected to a laptop or a desktop, through a dedicated data recorder software will export data, analysis on the computer every moment temperature data in the process of road transportation and the entire process curve of maximum, minimum, average, trends, alarm information, etc.

The growth of the cold-chain equipment industry is expected to grow faster.
In cold chain logistics temperature recorder there is a NTC thermistor components to measurement or control temperature.
Exsense company manufacture NTC thermistor component for 10 years. 
Therefore, we require NTC thermistor components continuous to research and manufacture more higher precision and high stability NTC thermistor.
Now Exsense company had below parameters to cold chain logistics temperature recorder
LT series,R25=10kohms±1%,R25/50=3950K
LT series, R25=100kohms±1%,R25/85=3435K
Lead wire length:7-40mm with epoxy resin head

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