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NTC Thermistor Chip For Disposable Temperature Probes
2018/03/29 11:03:43

NTC Thermistor Chip For Disposable Temperature Probes

Disposable temperature probe is a device that can monitor the change of body temperature and convert it into a signal. It is generally used with the monitor. It has the advantages of simple structure, saving leads, signal output, strong anti-interference ability, good linearity and current protection, reliable operation and so on.

In general, disposable temperature probes consist of an NTC thermistor temperature sensor and two rows of solid state electronics, which can be divided into two types: the skin surface temperature probe and the body cavity (rectal / esophageal / Foley catheter) temperature probe. It places the thermal chip directly in the junction box in the form of a module to form a disposable temperature probe.

Disposable temperature probe through the NTC thermistor chip temperature measurement, the second layer of the electrical signal is converted to 25 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ to achieve accurate temperature measurement and control. Exsense's high reliable dual probe temperature sensor is composed of two NTC chips in parallel, which can simultaneously measure the circuit at the same time. The double chip can check the accuracy of each other and prevent the measurement failure.

Developed by our company for medical equipment of the temperature sensor of high precision NTC thermal chip has good capability of heat cycle, rapid response, thermal time constant is 3.5s, accuracy up to ± 0.5%. It can use more reliable safety than other products.

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