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The Main Features of Gold Electrode NTC Thermistor Chip
2018/03/29 11:03:47

The Main Features of Gold Electrode NTC Thermistor Chip

DT series gold electrode NTC thermistor chip is a gold-plated surface treatment of high-temperature and high-precision NTC chip, which has a good heat cycle capability, high reliability, high stability and so on. Gold electrode NTC chip temperature range: -50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃. The size of NTC chip can be customized according to customer requirements, the smallest up to 0.3 * 0.3mm. Gold electrode NTC chip suitable welding methods are: Bonding wire, non-bonding tin soldering and universal type ( available for bonding and tin soldering ).

Gold electrode NTC thermistor chip main features:
1.High reliability: in a humid working environment, the gold electrode is not easy to generate ion migration. In contrast, the silver electrode has a long time in the humid working environment and the natural phenomenon of silver migration occurs.
2.High stability: the gold drift rate of gold electrode NTC thermistor chip is low. Long-term working resistance dispersion can also be kept within the range, which is suitable for long-term stable work.
3. Applicable to various mixed-design multi-functional modules: infrared thermopile, IGBT, thermal printhead, integrated modules, semiconductor modules, power modules, etc.
4. Various packing methods: blue film packaging, pallet packaging, bulk packaging.
The following is the conventional electrical performance parameters of our DT series NTC thermistor chip:

In addition to the above dimensions and conventional resistance values, we can do the following range of products:

Resistance: 1kΩ ~ 1000kΩ
B value: 3200K ~ 4500K
Size: 0.3mm ~ 4.0mm

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