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Application of NTC Gold Electrode Thermister Chip in Optical Fiber Communication
2018/03/29 11:03:03

Application of NTC Gold Electrode Thermister Chip in Optical Fiber Communication

Optical fiber communication is a way of transmitting information using light and optical fiber. Optical fiber communication has brought great changes to the world communication, which has become the main cable communication mode nowadays. Optical fiber communication has the advantages of large transmission capacity and good secrecy. It is often used in telephone companies to transmit the signal of telephone, Internet and cable TV.

So how does the NTC gold electrode thermister chip be used in optical fiber communication?


Laser is the most important component of optical fiber communication. Laser diode is the core component of laser head, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and low power consumption. But it is extremely sensitive to over current, over voltage and electrostatic interference. In the process, the temperature of the laser diode will increase through its current value. Therefore, the necessary cooling measures must be adopted. At this time, the NTC thermister chip has the function of controlling temperature and temperature compensation to ensure that the laser diode works within a certain temperature range.


NTC gold electrode thermal chip has excellent thermal cycle endurance, high stability, long life and other chatacteristics. 


Gold electrode thermal chip temperature up to 300 degrees above, suitable for TO-CAN and bonding welding. The newly developed NTC gold electrode thermal chip is suitable for the optical fiber communication module, the size is 0.3*0.3mm and the thickness is 0.3 mm, which can be customized according to the requirements of the customer. To know more information about NTC thermistor, please read: http://www.exsense.cn

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