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NTC Gold Chip Thermistor for Temperature Measurement
2018/03/29 10:03:58

As we all know, thermistor is a kind of sensitive element. The sensitivity is higher, and the temperature coefficient of resistance is 10 ~ 100 times higher than that of the metal, and the temperature variation of 10-6 can be detected. The working temperature range is wide, and the room temperature device is suitable for -40 to 300℃.

Exsene Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Specializing in the production of NTC thermistor, NTC chip type thermistor, temperature sensor The Characteristic :

1.Chip surface layer is gold.

2.Size can reach 0.3*0.3mm.

3.High temperature, high precision, ultra small.

4 Stability is very high.

5. Sliver wire bonding,it can reduce the cost for the bonding customer. Applications: bonding, optical communications, infrared thermopile, etc.

In addition, we have the stability of the supply to some optical communications and customers.


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