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NTC Thermistor Small Black Head for Automotive Water Temperature Sensor, Small Household Appliances Temperature Measurem
2018/03/29 10:03:12

NTC thermistor small black head VT/LT series for automotive water temperature sensor, small household appliances temperature measurement

In life, all products related to temperature everywhere.No matter body temperature or mechanical temperature are closely related to us. For example, water dispenser, air conditioner, refrigerator, heater, automobile thermometer, thermometer, battery pack, thermostat, medical equipment and other related products. So the temperature is a part of our life.

All the temperature products combined with small hundred of components into finished products, but only indispensable temperature control components is NTC thermistor.

About NTC thermistor, there is a series of small black head, insulated wire and shell series, and even bare NTC chip, bare chips are generally used for bonding, optical communications, IGBT temperature measurement.
Small black series is a non insulated CP lead wih epoxy encapsulated, the head size range of about 2.0-3.5mm.

1.VT/LT series product lead epoxy encapsulated
2.Resistance range : 1K~100Kohms
3.High accuracy and high stability
4.Fast response time
5.Can work stably for a long time
6.Temperature range: -40~125℃

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