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Requirements of NTC Thermistor in Infrared Thermopile
2018/07/12 08:07:35

Thermopile is a kind of pyroelectric infrared sensor, it is a device composed of thermocouple. At present, it is in the ear thermometers, radiation thermometer, electric oven, in the field of food, such as temperature detection, gained widespread application as the temperature detection device.

Infrared thermopile customers in the use of NTC thermistor chip for temperature measurement, the bonding process are basically used for processing, most of aluminium wire is used for bonding, so it is best to use gold electrode and aluminum wire binding (silver electrode and aluminum wire bond, it pulling force is very weak, on the edge, can only be good tensile and gold electrode).

NTC thermistor chip thermopile customers resistance accuracy is not high, basically all is 3% - 3%, thermopile the actual finished product requirements of our clients is 5%, but the thermopile customer requirements for product consistency/concentration is very high, in addition to B value is also particularly high precision requirements, basically every thermopile customer requirements in B value accuracy is 0.3%.

The two resistance parameters of more:
R25 = 100 k + / - 5% 
B25/100 = 3964 + / - 0.3%
R25 = 30 k + / - 2%
B25/100 = 3964 + / - 0.3%

From the above we can see that customers to infrared thermopile resistance precision demand is not high, but for the product consistency is very high demand, but also B value accuracy requirement is very high, the other is also very strict product appearance, there is no scratches/particle etc. For the state set the jumper wire directly to these pollutants those words would have an impact on finished product.

Exsense Electronics Technology Co., LTD. adopts advanced semiconductor processes combined with independent intellectual property rights of the NTC thermistor sensitive materials and technology, independent research and development series of DTG gold electrode chip NTC thermistors. Corresponding to each index of infrared thermopile customer requirements.

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