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Glass Encapsulated Thermistor Temperature Sensor for Central Air-conditioning
2018/03/27 11:03:33

In general, the refrigerator's temperature sensor constituted by a thermistor, the aircraft is no exception, the temperature sensor by the negative temperature coefficient thermistor composition. Measured the room temperature (25 ℃) the resistance of about 5.1kΩ, the temperature dropped to about 10 ℃, the resistance is about 10.2kΩ. Therefore, as long as the right to buy the thermistor to be substituted. Specific methods are as follows:

First of all, the damaged part of the metal tube temperature sensor grill over the fire, while a hand pulled Lead , 2-6s one hand with needle nose pliers to live on top of metal pipe, to be filled tubeLead can be softened material will pull together with the thermistor; then use the appropriate twist drill bits or other tools, hot filling inside the tube clean.


Then follow the inner diameter of less than metal pipe size, choose the right precision NTC thermistor, solder a lead wire connected and encapsulated insulating paint several times until the insulating paint dry, then fill irrigation epoxy resininto the metal tube, and finally inserted into the thermal resistance, slightly heated metal pipe several times, the epoxy resin solidified as soon as possible, to be completely solidified epoxy resin, can be used on the machine.

This fixes the temperature sensor, an optional glass package thermal resistance, the appearance resembles 0.5W zener diodes, to spend only one dollar more than the money used on the machine a few months, good results. By analogy, for other types of refrigerator temperature sensors, using the above method can also be repaired, those interested may wish to try.

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