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Axial and Radial Type Glass Sealed NTC Thermistor
2018/03/27 12:03:29

Glass sealed thermistor is mainly temperature compensation.

The main characteristics of NTC thermistor is glass sealed reason, suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment.


- Radial type glass bead NTC thermistor for 3D printing 


300℃ 100k Glass Bead NTC Thermistor with Super Accurate 1% Tolerance for 3D printer temperature measurement.
Though 3D printer is not a new word nowadays, it’s not popular untill today. The biggest difference between 3D printer and traditional printer is that the former prints solid object while the latter prints plane image.
Thermistor is an important part in 3D printer for temperature measurement and control. Exsense’s radial glass bead NTC thermistor meets the requirement of 3D printer.
This thermistor is a 1% tolerance, so it more accurately reads temperature than most of the thermistors available. 2%-5% tolerances are also available.
The lead is non-insulated dumet wire.

-Axial Type Glass sealed NTC Thermistor for Chritmas lighting

It's the newly application NTC thermistor, which use for current compensation in Christmas light strings. Its function is current compensation.

The whole string of lights can continue towork, all lights (100pcs / more or less) are in tandem ,once the bulb lights failure ormiss, NTC thermistor will protect it as the temperature increases.


The schematic of protection open circuit or Carnival / Christmas lights with NTC thermistor, it wont increase the current cause therelative resistance of circuit current and each working resistance of bulb lights.To avoid the current failure cause the original design, which the current increased by copper oxide. It can cut down the cost and more reliability if useing NTC thermistor foropen circuit protection, the use life of Christmas lights string which use NTC thermistor over three years.

Glass Encapsulated, usable in high moisture environment;
1%-5% Tolerance for Precision;
Beta Value 3950K;
High temperatures environment, 300 Degrees C;
Extremely fast response due to small glass bead 1.3mm;

Glass-encapsulated, heat-resistive and highly stable
For temperature measurement up to 300℃
Very short response time
Small dimensions
Leads: dumet wires (copper-clad FeNi)
Alternative dimensions available on request
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