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Bonding Gate Resistor Optimizes Layout, Improves Efficiency of SiC Silicon Carbide Module
2024/06/06 03:06:22

With the rapid development of SiC silicon carbide module in high-power applications, its superior performance, such as high temperature resistance, high power density, and low switching loss, has promoted its wide application in industries such as new energy vehicles, electrified transportation, and intelligent power grid. In the process of high switching frequency application, the current imbalance and electromagnetic interference of traditional silicon carbide module have become the key factors restricting its performance and reliability. In order to improve the above technical difficulties, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched the DR series bonding gate resistor to improve the efficiency of silicon carbide module.

In the silicon carbide module, the lower surface of the bonding gate resistor is soldered to the pad, and the upper surface is electrically connected to the SiC chip by bonding process. Through innovative layout and process optimization, gate resistor helps silicon carbide module maintain stability and accurately control current. The bonding gate resistor mainly plays the following roles in the silicon carbide power module:

First, reduce switching loss: Silicon carbide module can effectively reduce switching loss and voltage overshoot through the bonding gate resistor, reduce electromagnetic interference, and improve system efficiency.

Second, protect the safety of the module: The gate resistor can assist the silicon carbide module to balance the current and prevent the module from being damaged due to excessive driving current.

Third, improve system stability: The use of bonding gate resistor can reduce the impact on the circuit performance of silicon carbide module and improve the stability of the system.

The gate resistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics have two encapsulated forms: vertical conduction type and horizontal conduction type, manufacturers can reasonably choose according to the size and layout requirements of silicon carbide module to maximize the efficiency of the module. The bonding gate resistor also has great weatherability, which can withstand the different extreme application environments of silicon carbide module. In summary, the bonding gate resistor set in the silicon carbide module, which effectively assists it in realizing the current-sharing control between SiC chips and reducing the switching loss, which significantly improves the efficiency, reliability and thermal management ability of the SiC silicon carbide module.

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