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Bonding Gate Resistor, Help Improve Performance of SiC Silicon Carbide Module
2024/04/28 03:04:01

In recent years, with the support of relevant national policies, power module used in the field of new energy have ushered in new growth opportunities. The SiC silicon carbide module has become the "leader" in the core track of new energy with its excellent performance. The performance improvement of silicon carbide module is crucial to the optimization of new energy thermal management, and the bonding gate resistor developed and mass-produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. plays an indispensable role in the performance upgrade process of silicon carbide module.

Compared with traditional power modules, SiC silicon carbide modules show superior performance such as high breakdown strength, low power loss, high switching frequency, etc. in high frequency, high current, high temperature, and high voltage working environments with their wide band gap. As new energy has higher performance requirements for power modules, bonding gate resistor can help silicon carbide module improve work efficiency and meet the needs of the industry. Its main advantages are:

First, low temperature coefficient of electric resistance (TCR): This means that in the temperature fluctuation environment, the resistance value of the bonding gate resistor is less affected by temperature, which is particularly important for the stable operation of silicon carbide module;

Second, high accuracy: the accuracy of the bonding gate resistor can reach 1%, which helps to improve the accuracy of the silicon carbide module during operation;

Third, high stability: The aging drift rate of the bonding gate resistor in the high temperature environment is low, which ensures the high reliability of the silicon carbide module for long-term working.

Specifically, the bonding gate resistor is electrically connected to the SiC chip through a bonding process in the silicon carbide module, which effectively eliminating the influence of the source inductance on the gate voltage during conduction, and the silicon carbide module will not reduce the switching turn-on speed, thereby reducing the conduction loss. In addition, the size of bonding gate resistor is small, which can improve the space utilization rate and make the power density higher in the module design layout. With its excellent product characteristics, bonding gate resistor provides strong support for the design and performance optimization of silicon carbide module.

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