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Congratulations Our Company Had Passed The ISO Annual Audit
Publisher : admin Release Time : 2018/03/21 12:03:53

Congratulations Our Company Had Passed The ISO Annual Audit

ISO9001 is included one of a group of quality management system of the core standards . For the organization has to meet customer requirements and the applicable regulatory requirements of the products. The aims is to enhance customer satisfaction. With the commodity economy and growing internationalization, in order to improve the reputation of the products, reduce duplication of inspection, to weaken and eliminate technical barriers to trade. Maintenance of producer, distributor, user and consumer rights and interests of all parties.This third certification is not controlled by the economic interests of the two sides of the production and marketing, notarization, science, is the country's products and enterprises to conduct quality evaluation and supervision of the pass.As the basis for the customer to supplier quality system audit, the enterprise has the ability to meet the technical requirements of the product.

All through the certification of the enterprise, in the management system integration has reached the international standard, indicating that the enterprise can continuously and stably provide customers with expectations and satisfaction of qualified products.

21st-22nd Nov 2016, The German company of Rhine (TUV) senior audit experts Yi Peng teacher examine and verify the company ISO9001 quality management system of the annual audit for two days. For the company's various departments, the scene, the system files and records one were checked one by one. We believe that the implementation of the quality management system will continue to improve the quality of enterprise management level. In the market competition to establish a good corporate image and reputation is a great significance for the company's long-term development.

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