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Microwave Single-layer Ceramic Chip Capacitor
2019/08/08 03:08:04

Chip capacitor is one of the most basic components of circuit, which has the important and wide applications. By the application of chip capacitors, capacitors can basically be divided into four types: AC coupling, which blocks DC only allows signal components (AC currents) to pass through; Decoupling, which bypasses high-frequency noise components, and decoupling chip capacitors are also known as bypass capacitors; Passive and active RC frequency selecting and filter network; sample and hold circuits (capture and storage charges) and analog integrator.

Nowadays, High speed and high density have become one of the important developed trends in electronic products. The most basic requirement for chip capacitor is excellent high-frequency performance and small space. In all kinds of chip capacitors, the chip capacitors used in television, radio-cassette recorder, etc., its characteristics of low-frequency are still available, but for the operating frequency above 800MHZ, its microwave loss is larger. When operating frequency above 2GHZ, its frequency temperature drift will seriously affect the stability of the circuit. Some multi-layer capacitor are stacked with multi-layer monolithic ceramic dielectric, which can also cause additional inductance to be too large when working at higher frequencies, thus affecting the performance of the circuit. From this, the microwave single-layer ceramic chip capacitor came into being, its self-resonant frequency has been as high as a dozen or even dozens of GHZ.

Microwave single-layer ceramic chip capacitor is generally widely used in microwave integrated circuits, the electrode layer is usually tungsten titanium as a metal substrate. Because it has a strong adhesion to ceramics and good blocking performance, to prevent gold from spreading to ceramics, improve the temperature resistance of chip capacitors. At the same time, using thin-film technology to gold-plated, for the chip capacitor to provide a good welding point and electrical performance. Microwave single-layer ceramic chip capacitor has the advantages of small size, thin thickness, low equivalent series resistance and low loss, the frequency of application can up to several GHZ, which suitable for small, microwave applications, also can be applied to microwave integrated circuits, play the role of DC blocking, RF bypass, filtering, tuning and so on.

The chip capacitive ceramic substrate of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is developed, designed and produced itself, can provide customers with chip capacitor of any area and thickness.

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