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NTC Thermistor Chip Used in TO-CAN Encapsulate Semiconductor Laser
2018/03/12 04:03:26

NTC Thermistor Chip Used in TO-CAN Encapsulate Semiconductor Laser

Laser diode module, also known as TO-CAN, is a encapsulate semiconductor laser  in the field of optical communications. It is widely used in optical fiber communication and optical fiber sensing. TO-CAN encapsulate semiconductor laser production process is simple, suitable for large-scale production methods. It has the characteristics of small size, low loss and long service life.


Diode laser module is divided into three main types: transistor-outline, dual in-line and butterfly.


1. Transistor-Outline

Transistor-outline is generally cylindrical, the production process is simple, low cost. But its small size is not easy to dissipate heat, it is not suitable for long-distance transmission. It is mainly used for short-distance transportation of 2.5Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s.


2. Dual-in-line-package

Dual-in-line type of housing is generally cuboid, commonly used in CATV / LAN / OTDR and other communication systems, suitable for short-distance transport.


3. Butterfly

Butterfly shell parallel with the PIN angle, is conducive to gold wire bonding, so the function and structure are more complicated. Such as 14PIN butterfly laser, you can built-in cooler, heat sink, ceramic base, chipthermistor, backlight monitoring, and can support all of the above components of the bonding wire. The housing area is large, which is conducive to heat dissipation. It is suitable for long distance transmission of 80km.


Therefore, the butterfly laser diode module needs to be used in parallel with the NTC thermistor chip in the manufacture of a TO-CAN encapsulate semiconductor laser. NTC thermal chip has the function of measuring temperature and controlling temperature, to avoid the laser temperature is too high affect the service life. Our NTC thermistor chip has the advantages of high precision, high reliability and high sensitivity. The minimum size is 0.3*0.3mm. Gold Electrode NTC thermistor chip has a lifetime of up to ten years. In terms of performance, the gold electrode is more stable than the silver electrode NTC thermistor chip.

Our NTC thermistor chip can be customized according to customer requirements for a variety of product specifications, to know more: http://www.exsense.cn/

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