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Secret of Temperature Control for Insulin Cooler: Application of NTC Bare Chip
2024/03/26 03:03:16

With the continuous progress of modern medical technology, insulin, as an important drug for the treatment of diabetes, has received extensive attention for its preservation and carrying. As a portable device for storing insulin, insulin cooler mainly ensures the quality and effectiveness of insulin by maintaining a suitable refrigeration temperature. In order to ensure that the operating temperature of the insulin cooler is within the correct range, it is necessary to use a high-sensitive NTC bare chip for temperature monitoring and control to reduce the risk of insulin waste due to improper storage.

Generally speaking, insulin needs to be stored in a low temperature environment of 2~8℃ to maintain its stability and activity. Therefore, when the patient's ambient temperature changes significantly, it is important to have an insulin cooler that can keep the insulin at the appropriate ambient temperature. Traditional insulin cooler usually uses semiconductor cooling sheet and micro-control chip to achieve temperature regulation, but the temperature control accuracy of this refrigeration circuit is often not high enough to ensure the stability of the internal temperature of the cooler. The addition of NTC bare chip can effectively sense the temperature change of insulin cooler by using its resistance value changing in negative proportion to temperature; Combined with the characteristics of high accuracy, it can accurately help the insulin cooler to adjust the working temperature.

In the refrigeration circuit of the insulin cooler, NTC bare chip is installed on the semiconductor cooling sheet to monitor the temperature in real time and play the role of temperature feedback. The micro-control chip accurately adjusts the refrigeration temperature of the semiconductor cooling sheet through the temperature data obtained by the bare chip, so that the working temperature of the insulin cooler is kept within the specified temperature range. In order to better realize high-accuracy temperature control inside the insulin cooler, most of the NTC bare chip used in the current solutions will choose the DT series NTC bare chip for bonding independently developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Its high accuracy (accuracy can reach ±0.3%) can assist insulin cooler to achieve precise temperature control. Moreover, its high sensitivity to temperature can respond quickly to abnormal temperature changes, making the cooler more efficient in protecting insulin. In addition, NTC bare chip for bonding is small in size and supports customization, which can meet the assembly space requirements of different insulin coolers.
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