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NTC Thermistor, Improve Efficiency of Thermal Print Head
2024/03/21 03:03:58

With the rapid development of information technology, printing technology, as an important means of information output, is also constantly improving and innovating. Among them, thermal printing technology is widely used in the printing of various labels, documents and bills due to its high efficiency and convenience. The performance and efficiency of the thermal print head directly determine the quality of the printing effect, so temperature control is the key, which depends on the NTC thermistor to escort the thermal print head.

In order to maintain a constant print quality, the printer can adjust the pulse width of the current supplied to the thermal print head based on the temperature detection results of the NTC thermistor to effectively control the voltage and then adjust its operating temperature. Specifically:

First, monitor the working temperature

Thermal print head realizes real-time monitoring of its own operating temperature through the NTC thermistor. During the operation of the equipment, NTC obtains the working temperature of the thermal print head in real time, and transmits the obtained data to the control module immediately. Subsequently, the control module adjusts the temperature according to the data to ensure that the printing ink develops color at the appropriate temperature for the best printing results.

Second, improve the printing speed

With precise temperature control of the thermal print head, the thermistor helps to achieve its higher printing speeds. On the premise of ensuring the printing quality, NTC enables the thermal print head to complete the printing task in less time.

Third, protect the thermal print head

When the temperature of the print head increases, the resistance value of the NTC thermistor decreases accordingly, which sends a temperature signal to the control module. According to the received signal, the control module changes the pulse width of the supply in real time or pauses the work of the thermal print head, so as to avoid damage to the print head due to excessive temperature.

In recent years, in order to further improve the performance of thermal print head, major manufacturers have continued to optimize the selection and optimization of NTC thermistor. In order to pursue higher sensitivity and stability, most manufacturers will choose the CT series SMD type NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., it has high accuracy, which can monitor the working temperature of the thermal print head precisely. Combined with its characteristic of fast response, temperature information can be transmitted to the control module of the thermal print head in time. SMD type NTC thermistor also has the characteristic of small size, which can meet the development of office automation in the direction of miniaturization.

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