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NTC Thermistor and Electric Heating Table Mat, Safe and Comfortable New Experience
2024/02/10 03:02:59

In the harsh winter, electric heating device has begun to become one of the indispensable necessities for people indoors. Among them, the electric heating table mat, as a practical and cost-effective heating tool, has become the new favorite of many consumers. In the working process of electric heating table mat, in order to avoid adverse impact on user experience and security due to abnormal temperature, NTC thermistor provides the guarantee of temperature measurement and temperature control.

As an efficient and convenient heating product, electric heating table mat is used more frequently than other devices, so its safety and comfort are the priority for major manufacturers. Most traditional electric heating table mats are not equipped with NTC thermistors as an important component of temperature protection, so there are the following problems:

First, the accuracy of temperature control needs to be improved: In the actual use of electric heating table mat, affected by individual differences and environmental factors, users' demands for warm temperature will also be different. If the control accuracy is not high, it is difficult to ensure the rapid and accurate temperature regulation, resulting in a low degree of intelligence;

Second, temperature anomaly monitoring does not achieve the expected effect: In the actual use of electric heating table mat, if the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause discomfort to the user, and if the temperature is too low, it will not have the effect of keeping warm. In addition, there is no thermistor auxiliary control module to establish a short-circuit protection mechanism, which may bring safety risks.

Therefore, the application of NTC thermistor in electric heating table mat is particularly important, which can improve the comfort of consumers and improve the safety of use. Specifically, the NTC is electrically connected to the heating element and the control module respectively, and after setting the limit temperature threshold, the thermistor starts to monitor the temperature immediately after the electric heating table mat is working. When the temperature of the heating element reaches this temperature, NTC thermistor feeds back the data to the control module in real time, and the module will stop the work of the heating circuit to prevent the user from burning. At the same time, the temperature threshold is set according to the gears of the electric heating mat, and when the temperature of the heating element reaches the response temperature, the control module will keep the heating element at a constant temperature according to the temperature data of the NTC, which better reflects the humanized design of the electric heating table mat.

Considering that the electric heating table mat has very high requirements for temperature measurement accuracy. For this reason, NTC generally chooses the IT series miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Its accuracy can reach ±0.5%, which can help the electric heating table mat to carry out accurate temperature monitoring, ensuring that the temperature is right. In addition, the temperature sensing head size of the miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor is small, which can quickly respond to temperature changes when the electric heating table mat is working, helping it eliminate potential safety hazards.
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