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High-accuracy NTC Thermistor and Wearable Thermometer
2023/09/28 03:09:14

Global warming and various environmental pollution have led to viral infectious diseases sweeping the world in recent years. Fever is the main diagnosed symptom of most diseases, so the market demand for thermometers, thermometers and other products has surged. In order to help users obtain body temperature data anytime and anywhere, wearable thermometer has become a hot product, which are mainly assisted by NTC thermistor to achieve the purpose of real-time body temperature measurement.

Most of the thermometers on the market have non-contact type and contact type, non-contact type has infrared forehead thermometer, ear canal thermometer, etc., which is large and inconvenient to carry, and the ambient temperature requirements for the measurement scene are high; The contact type has electronic thermometer, mercury thermometer, etc., which have a long measurement time and high hygiene requirements for repeated use. In addition, none of the above thermometers have a data storage function, which increases the difficulty of the temperature monitoring process. The advent of wearable thermometer combines the advantages of non-contact and contact thermometers, which can also transmit recorded temperature data to the terminal device, so that user can know the real-time body temperature conveniently.

The fixing methods of wearable thermometer mainly include clamping type and pasting type. The clamping type is generally clamped on close-fitting cloths to ensure that the thermometer is close to the skin; The pasting type is to paste the thermometer directly to the skin, and both methods can choose the position of use to ensure contact with the body surface. When the thermometer is turned on, NTC thermistor will monitor the temperature in real time, and then transmit the data to the analysis module, calculate the accurate body surface temperature, then transmit it to the data storage module, and display it on mobile terminal devices (mobile phones, smart bracelets, tablets, etc.) through Bluetooth or WiFi transmission.

Considering the user's comfort, and striving to achieve non-inductive body temperature measurement, wearable thermometer is generally flexible structure, that is, flexible shell, flexible printed circuit (FPC), etc., so the bending strength requirements for thermistors are very high. In order to cooperate with the updating of wearable thermometer, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a self-developed and produced CB series smart wearable NTC thermistor. The limit bend of this thermistor can reach to 10mm on the test board, which can be effectively adapted to wearable thermometer for temperature monitoring. Its chip construction can be applied to high-density surface mounting, saving installation space. In addition, the temperature measurement accuracy of SMD type NTC thermistor for smart wearable can reach ±0.3%, the body temperature measurement is more accurate than traditional thermometer.

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