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Role of NTC Thermistor Chip in Smart Shirt
2022/11/29 03:11:58

With the development of information technology, smart wearable products that use NTC thermistor chip for real-time body temperature monitoring and obtain a variety of physiological characteristics data have gradually entered people's lives, such as smart shirt, smart bra, smart bracelet, etc. Among them, smart shirt, as the "deputy" to assist doctors in disease diagnosis, have received widespread attention from all walks of life.

As the core temperature measurement part of the smart shirt, NTC thermistor chip is usually placed close to the armpit. Because on the surface of the human body, the armpit temperature is closest to the actual temperature of the human body, which can obtain body temperature data more accurately. Specifically, the NTC thermistor chip is encapsulated in a temperature probe and connected to a controller. A start button is set on the controller to terminate or start the temperature test of smart shirt at any time. The controller is equipped with an ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processor and a wireless transmitter chip connected to the processor, after the ARM processor converts the resistance value of the NTC thermistor chip into the corresponding temperature value, the wireless thermistor chip will send the temperature value obtained by the ARM processor to the mobile phone terminal, which is convenient for users or doctors to view relevant data anytime and anywhere, then make corresponding measures better.

The placement of high-accuracy medical NTC thermistor chip developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. improves the accuracy and authenticity of real-time body temperature monitoring, which assists smart shirt to complete body temperature measurement more efficiently.

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