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NTC Thermistor and Temperature-controlled Electric Heating Eye Mask
2022/11/17 03:11:19

With the increasing popularity of electronic products, users often overuse their eyes, which leads to eye diseases, and it has also brought a series of eye pressure relief devices, such as electric heating eye mask. In order to ensure the safety of users, NTC thermistor is indispensable as temperature control components in electric heating eye mask.

Most of the electric heating eye masks on the market have more or less defects in function and performance design, resulting in poor experience feeling, short product life, low reliability, and even potential safety hazards, such as:

First, the product design is single, and the heating power of the electric heating eye mask is not controlled according to the actual use, thereby shortening the service life of the controller and seriously affecting the service life of the electric heating eye mask;

Second, the lack of thermal management design of the battery and the control module part leads to serious heat accumulation of the battery and the control module part, which will bring the risk of explosion and pose a threat to the user's personal and property safety;

Third, there is basically no timing design, users cannot accurately control the duration of use.

In summary, the insertion of NTC thermistors for temperature monitoring and temperature control can better improve the product reliability, safety index and user experience of electric heating eye mask. Where do NTC thermistors need to be used?

First, the main body of the eye mask. The multi-stage heating structure composed of thermistor, controller and other components can make the electric heating eye mask have different working temperatures to meet different application scenarios of user;

Second, rechargeable battery. The use of thermistor collects the temperature data of the rechargeable battery in real time, controls the temperature of the battery charging and discharging process, prevents the overtemperature of the battery caused by heat accumulation, and the influence of the high temperature of the eye mask body on the controller and other electronic devices, so as to ensure the life and safety reliability of the product during operation.

The preferred NTC thermistor type is the SMD type NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., which leadless is suitable for high-density surface mount of electric heating eye mask; High accuracy can effectively improve the operating temperature accuracy of electric heating eye mask.
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