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Application of NTC Thermistor in ADAS System
2022/10/27 03:10:07

With the continuous development of autonomous driving technology, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) are gradually gaining popularity as safety system that improve driving performance. The various subsystems of the ADAS system (adaptive cruise system, automatic parking system, blind spot detection system, etc.) need to collect a large amount of data and upload it to the ECU during the working process, which will generate heat, in order to effectively extend the service life of the ADAS system, enhance the safety and reliability of the device, it is necessary to insert NTC thermistor for accurate temperature measurement, and cooperate with the active / passive heat dissipation of the system.

Among the numerous NTC thermistors, manufacturers generally choose SMD type NTC thermistor as temperature control components in ADAS system. The reasons for choosing this NTC thermistor are as follows:

First, high accuracy: If the modules work at high temperature for a long time, its service life will be shortened. SMD type NTC thermistor can accurately measure temperature at -40~150℃, so as to compensate for temperature to ensure the stability of sensor modules performance and extend service life.

Second, high reliability: The temperature measurement components used in cameras, radars, liDAR(Light Detection and Ranging) and other modules in ADAS system are required to maintain a certain stability under high dynamics and different temperatures/humidity. As shown in the figure below, the SMD type NTC thermistor has a large reflow soldering area, and the soldering strength will be better than that of the independent IC temperature sensing sensor. And the thermistor has a glass protective layer on all sides, which has better mechanical strength and weather resistance, its performance is more stable than that of the independent IC temperature detection sensor in high temperature storage, high temperature & high humidity and thermal shock experiments.

Third, high sensitivity: SMD type NTC thermistor is small in size, fast temperature sensing speed, easy to mount, which can be installed as close as possible in the measured temperature device, so as to quickly and effectively monitor the real temperature, prevent overheating, and protect the service life of each module. In addition, SMD type NTC thermistor is leadless, which can realize high-density mounting and automated mounting, occupying a small area in the module.

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been taking "three highs" as the production concept of SMD type NTC thermistor, that is, high accuracy, high reliability, high sensitivity, applied to ADAS system can assist the sensitivity and accuracy of each module of the subsystem to achieve a better state, while ensuring the stability of system performance, prolonging its service life, thereby enhancing the safety of vehicle driving. At present, EXSENSE Electronics not only produces SMD type thermistor which is suitable for solder paste soldering, but also launches SMD type NTC thermistor with self-developed silver-palladium alloy termination electrodes, which are not only suitable for silver paste welding, but also anti-sulfuration and oxidation resistance, which can meet the different use environments of customers.

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