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Application of NTC Thermistor in Ventilator Humidifier
2022/10/13 03:10:00

Medical ventilator is generally used to improve the patient's breathing difficulties, increase lung ventilation, which will also be equipped with a humidifier during its use to alleviate the patient's dry nose and throat, prevent secondary infections of the respiratory tract. The humidifier heats and humidifies the gas in the ventilator, increasing patient's comfort while increasing patient's oxygen number. Considering the high temperature and high humidity working environment of the ventilator humidifier, in order to ensure its stable output, it is necessary to insert NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and temperature control.

If the humidifier is in operation without NTC thermistor for real-time temperature monitoring, the following situations may occur:

First, the temperature is too low, which can not play the medical effect of the ventilator;

Second, the temperature is too high, which may lead to burns to the patient's mouth and respiratory tract.

In order to use the ventilator effectively, the humidifier needs to ensure that the temperature of the treated gas is 32~35℃, which is the best temperature range for the human body. Real-time temperature monitoring and temperature control of the humidifier gas temperature through NTC thermistor can ensure that the treated gas can better meet the needs of patient and alleviate patient’s discomfort. Due to the special working environment of NTC thermistor, there are strict requirements for their selection:

First, which can adapt to the humidifier high temperature and high humidity environment;

Second, high accuracy;

Third, the reliability is great, to ensure that the change rate of resistance value in the high temperature and high humidity environment is small;

Fourth, the size is small and easy to install.

In summary, the CT series SMD type NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Is the preferred thermistors for humidifier. It is encapsulated with 10μm glass, which has great moisture resistance; Small size, which can meet the high density surface mount; High reliability and stability, which can ensure the normal operation of the humidifier.

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