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NTC Thermistor and Automotive Intake Air Temperature Monitoring
2022/08/05 03:08:50

In automobiles, real-time temperature monitoring of the intake air temperature is very important. If there is a problem with this link, it will cause the engine can not operate normally and failure. So how to monitor the intake air temperature in real time? This requires the insertion of high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor as temperature monitoring components to ensure the safe operation of the automotive engine.

NTC thermistors are particularly important in the automotive intake temperature because they can monitor the temperature of the air entering the engine in real time. The air flow that s the engine can prevent the internal carburetor from "freezing" and helps the fuel vaporize then enters the air flow. If these two situations do not occur, it will lead to automotive engine failure. After the high-temperature resistant thermistor monitors the intake air temperature, it feeds the processing information back to the engine computer, which then performs an air density analysis based on the data in order to balance the air/fuel mixture. Since the colder air is denser, more fuel is needed in cold weather to maintain the same air-fuel ratio during cold weather.

High-temperature resistant NTC thermistor is generally placed in the intake manifold and their heads are exposed to the air entering the engine. Due to the resistance value of the thermistor changes with temperature, using this feature, the engine computer applies a certain degree of force to it, and then observes the voltage signal it receives to calculate the air temperature. From this we can see that the return voltage signal will change proportionally with the change of air temperature. This helps the engine computer to perform an intake air temperature analysis to ensure the operation of the engine.

For automotive engines, NTC thermistor is an integral part of monitoring the intake air temperature of automobiles. If the readings of intake temperature sensor are inaccurate, the engine computer may assume that the intake air temperature is higher or lower than the actual temperature, causing it to misjudge the calculation of the air/fuel mixture. The consequences can be causing the automobile to poor idle in cold weather and surging when the weather is hot. VT series automotive NTC thermistor from EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., with high temperature resistance, rapid response, great consistency and other characteristics, which can monitor the inlet air temperature in real time and accurately, and effectively prevent the occurrence of the above problems.

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