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Role of SMD Type NTC Thermistor in Neck Air Conditioner
2022/06/14 03:06:07

It is about to enter the hot summer, and all sorts of small household appliances that are cool have entered the peak sales season. As the development direction of small household appliances tends to be portable and miniaturized, SMD type NTC thermistor with small size and high accuracy is also more used as components for temperature monitoring and temperature protection in small household appliances.

In order to match the portable and miniaturized development of small household appliances market, at present all sorts of cool products on the market emerge in endlessly, such as neck air conditioner, table fan, handheld small fan, etc., which are more and more loved by consumers. Today, the neck air conditioner which is introduced, it can not only accelerate the evaporation of sweat on human skin and take away heat, but also cool down the body temperature and bring a real cool feeling compared with the traditional fan. The neck air conditioner also has a heating function to keep warm in winter. In order to accurately monitor the temperature, ensure great user experience and safe use, it is necessary to adopt NTC thermistor for real-time temperature monitoring and temperature protection, to prevent neck air conditioner from being damaged due to abnormal working temperature and avoid accidents.

The overall structure of neck air conditioner mainly includes shell, battery, PCB, air guide plate, heat sink, TEC cooling board, SMD type NTC thermistor, control board and terminal board. Among them, the thermistor is directly integrated into the TEC cooling board to monitor the temperature of the TEC cooling board in real time. It can monitor the temperature of the cooling board efficiently and accurately to ensure the comfort of the user during the use. The back of the control board is two inductors, which are applied to the charging and discharging of lithium batteries in neck air conditioner, as well as the control of cooling and heating. The socket of the wiring small board is connected with lithium battery, fan, cooling piece and NTC thermistor respectively.

SMD type NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is embedded in the neck air conditioner, which can monitor the temperature in real time, improve the response speed and make the temperature control process more efficient.

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