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Role of SMD Type NTC Thermistor in TWS Bluetooth Headsets
2022/05/10 03:05:24

With the increasing popularity and development of TWS Bluetooth headsets, in addition to its basic functions, it also has a new development trend with the assistance of components such as SMD type NTC thermistor. The future development of TWS Bluetooth headsets will move towards the direction of multi-functional, intelligent and multi-sensor fusion. Further from the perspective of individual technology development, the application of NTC thermistor in TWS Bluetooth headsets is undergoing a new round of technical iterations.

As an important hardware foundation of artificial intelligence technology, the application of SMD type NTC thermistor in TWS Bluetooth headsets plays an important role. The interaction mode of TWS Bluetooth headsets has developed from the initial use of optical induction principles to sense the user's wearing status, to realize the simple interaction of taking off the headset to automatically stop playing and put on the headset to resume playing, to the complex touch interaction such as pressing, sliding, and tapping. With the addition of intelligent voice technology, TWS headsets have realized voice interaction, and the future will develop in the direction of more intelligent environmental adaptation. At the same time, TWS Bluetooth headsets can also collect user sign data through thermistor, providing health detection, sports data broadcasting and other rich functions.

Due to TWS Bluetooth headsets develop towards miniaturization, light weighting and multi-function, thermistors have also brought corresponding requirements. In order to achieve small size and light weight, SMD type NTC thermistor can be used to achieve rich functions while maintaining a small size.

The installation of SMD type NTC thermistor in TWS Bluetooth headsets is based on its temperature monitoring characteristics, through TWS Bluetooth headsets to monitor the user's ear canal temperature in real time, so that users can always pay attention to their own health. The addition of SMD type NTC thermistor can not only increase the use value of TWS Bluetooth headsets, but also increase their frequency of use.

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