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Sustainable Development of IGBT Module
2021/02/25 03:02:01

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been researched and developed IGBT thermistor chip for more than 14 years. NTC thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics plays the role of temperature monitoring and temperature controlling in IGBT module, which can assist the safe operation of IGBT module and prevent damages caused by excessive temperature.

With the progress of technology and the continuous evolution of power semiconductor devices, since the 1980s, in the downstream market, power semiconductor devices such as IGBT, MOSFET and power integrated circuits have gradually become the mainstream application devices. The four most widely used industries of power semiconductor are computer and peripheral 30%, wireless communication 20%, automotive electronics 15%, indicator light and display 12%, the application field of power semiconductor has been gradually expanded from industry to new energy, consumer electronics, rail transit and other fields.

IGBT is the representative product of the third technological revolution of power semiconductor devices. It has experienced six generations of technological evolution since 1980s. It has great performance such as high frequency, high voltage, large current and easy switching, and which is known as the "CPU" of power converter devices in the industry. Since the 1980s, IGBT chip has also experienced six generations of upgrades, from the PT type to the FS-Trench type, chip area, line width of process, on-state saturation voltage drop, turn-off time, power loss and other indicators have been continuously optimized, the off-state voltage has also increased from 600V to more than 6,500V.

According to SOHU technology data, the global IGBT market size in 2017 was $4.68 billion, up 9.09% from 2016. It is expected that the future IGBT market size will continue to grow, to reach $6.72 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 7%~9%. Among them, China has become one of the fastest growing IGBT demand countries. According to the IGBT industry development report in 2019 by Trend Force, IGBT market size is rapidly expanding, benefiting from the substantial growth of demand for new energy automobile and industrial fields, as well as the maturity of IGBT technology. In 2018, Chinese IGBT market was RMB 15.3 billion, up 19.9% from 2017. According to the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan released by the State Council, the IGBT market size in China will continue to grow in the future. By 2025, the IGBT market size in China will reach RMB 52.2 billion, with an annual compound growth rate of 19.11%.

At present, Chinese IGBT chip mainly rely on imports, which is strong constraints, slow development. Nowadays, the IGBT market at home and abroad is still occupied by foreign enterprises. Although the demand of IGBT market in China is growing rapidly, the industrialization of domestic enterprises started late due to the lack of relevant domestic talents and weak technological foundation. IGBT modules are still almost entirely dependent on imports, the market is mainly occupied by European, Japanese and American enterprises, with advanced production and manufacturing technology, they occupy about 70% of the market share. Therefore, it is still a long way to go for the domestic IGBT module to realize the overall localization.

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