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IGBT and New Energy Automobile
2020/10/14 03:10:05

IGBT plays a vital role in the field of new energy automobile, and which is the core component of new energy vehicle motor controller, vehicle air conditioning, charging pile and other equipment. High-precision NTC thermistor chip produced, researched and developed by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., plays an indispensable role for temperature monitoring and temperature control in the IGBT module.

The current range of new energy automobile at work is between -100A to +150A, and such a huge current needs to be precisely controlled by the electronic control unit to achieve the braking of the car, the core component of which is the IGBT. In electric automobile, the motor drive system accounts for 15 to 20% of the total automobile cost, and IGBT accounts for about 50% of the motor drive system, that is, IGBT accounts for 7 to 10% of the automobile cost, which is one of the most expensive components in addition to batteries.

Today, new energy vehicles are popular, the magnitude of value of power semiconductors in new energy automobile increased significantly, according to relevant data, the magnitude of value of power semiconductor devices in new energy vehicles is about 5 times the value of conventional fuel automobile. Among them, IGBT accounts for about 37% of the cost of new energy mobile electronic control system, which is one of the most core electronic devices in the electronic control system. Therefore, the rapid growth of the new energy automobile market in the future is expected to drive the magnitude of value of power semiconductor devices represented by IGBT significantly increased, thus strongly promoting the development of the IGBT market.

According to the data of the China Automobile Association, the penetration rate of Chinese new energy automobile is 4.7% in 2019, which is still very low, if the target penetration rate of 25% is reached in 2025, the compound annual growth rate in the next few years will reach 30%, the growth space is broad. From the process of domestic substitutes imports, domestic manufacturers in G-series high-speed rail IGBT and other key areas have a solid strength, some products are mainly from industrial control, photovoltaic and wind power and other fields of first replacement, and in new energy automobile and other high-end areas of the replacement process is relatively slow.

Under the support of traditional industrial control and power supply industry, with the drive of frequency converter into the field of new energy, the market of electric welding machine continues to heat up, the downstream areas of IGBT, such as new energy automobile, variable frequency appliances, new energy power generation and other fields, are developing rapidly, and the IGBT market will continue to maintain a stable growth momentum in the future. Driven by industrial policies and market demand, IGBT localization process is accelerated.

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