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NTC Chip and Infrared Temperature Measurement
2020/04/14 03:04:06

Since SARS in 2003, infrared temperature measurement technology has developed rapidly, so the amount of NTC chip with temperature monitoring has gradually increased. In an infectious outbreak, infrared temperature measurement is more suitable than contact temperature measurement, because it can effectively improve the work efficiency of detection, prevent cross infection and so on. Therefore, airports, stations, docks, etc. are using infrared temperature measurement as a standard for epidemic prevention, and more and more schools, supermarket, community, enterprises and so on are using infrared temperature as a temperature-screening and epidemic-preventing tools.

High precision is the fundamental factor for infrared temperature measurement. The early clinical manifestations of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 are the temperature ≥37.3℃, and the high-precision NTC chip can play its role in temperature monitoring at this time. In the process of infrared temperature measurement, it can assist the infrared thermometer to accurately detect abnormal body temperature with very low error, and carry out public prevention and control more quickly.

The temperature monitored by infrared temperature measurement technology is body surface temperature, which can achieve multi-target, non-inductive, real-time temperature measurement. High-end forehead thermometer still needs to stay for two seconds to complete the temperature measurement, with the time for staff lifted and lowered the forehead thermometer, a person one minute can measure about 15 people. Using infrared temperature measurement technology, only one staff member is required to be in front of the monitor, watching the real-time display of the body temperature of each passing person on the monitor, and re-testing when an alarm is raised. Under the same working conditions, the detection efficiency of infrared temperature measurement is much higher than that of the forehead thermometer. Therefore, infrared temperature measurement has the following advantages:

First, security: long distance, non-contact;

Second, high efficiency: Monitoring multiple persons simultaneously, no need to cooperate and wait;

Third, data analysis: record storage, traffic statistics, cloud sharing, analysis of statistical data.

The NTC chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high precision, high sensitivity, great reliability and rapid response, which plays an indispensable role in infrared temperature measurement technology.

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