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Anti-cracking High-reliability NTC Chip
2020/01/21 03:01:37

NTC chip is a semiconductor thermal element, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast response speed, small size, etc.. With the development of electronic technology, the application of NTC chip is more and more extensive. Most of our daily appliances have finished products of NTC chip, such as refrigerators, induction cookers, printers, electric fans, television sets and so on.

In the existing technology, most of the NTC chip preparation is the chip in the tin furnace welded to the metal bracket, and then sealed epoxy resin. According to this method of production to prepare NTC chip, there will be the following shortcoming in the production process:

When the operator is welding and processing, welding of NTC chips can easily lead to open circuit or cracking, which directly affects the reliability of the product, resulting in unreliable product performance or product scrapping.

In order to overcome the shortcoming of existing technology, EXSENSE Electronics introduced a anti-cracking high-reliability NTC chip. This chip can effectively prevent welding and other operations in the process of chip cracking, to ensure the reliability of the product, so that the pass rate of the product can be effectively improved. This high-cracking high-reliability NTC chip, a metal substrate is arranged at the bottom, welding a metal bracket on both sides of the chip and substrate, and then sealing epoxy on the NTC chip, metal substrate and periphery. The metal substrate is selected with a double-sided copper plate, which is glued to the bottom of the NTC chip by adhesive. The production process is as follows:

1, Block of metal substrates are cut into long strips accordance to a certain width;

2, Block of NTC chip in accordance with the required resistance values calculated by the size, cut long strip;

3, NTC chip is bonded to the metal substrate with an adhesive;

4, The bonded product is cut into small pieces again according to the required resistance values calculated;

5, The NTC chip bonded with a metal substrate is welded in a tin furnace. During the welding process, the end with the metal substrate is welded to the inner side of the metal bracket;

6, Finally, the product is sealed with encapsulant and tested.

This anti-cracking high-reliability NTC chip, due to the bottom of the chip added a metal substrate, which can effectively prevent NTC chip from cracking during welding, effectively improve the performance rate, reduce the rate of change of hot and cold shocking and aging, so that the reliability of the product greatly improved. The NTC chip produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., has high precision (can up to ±0.5%, ±1%, ±3%), great reliability, high sensitivity, and which is widely used in medical temperature measurement, home appliance temperature measurement and so on.

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