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NTC Thermistor in Power Bank
2019/10/31 03:10:54

NTC thermistor researched, developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., with high sensitivity, rapid response speed, high precision etc., which is widely used in a variety of electronic products, such as power bank, tablet PCs, mobile phones, laptops, all kinds of small household appliances and so on. Among them, in the power bank, NTC thermistor plays the role of temperature monitoring and temperature control, so that the power bank can operate safely.

Power bank is divided into four parts throughout the charging process, namely, pre-charging, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and maintenance charging, all of which are related to temperature. For the entire charging process to be safe and efficient, NTC thermistors are required for temperature monitoring and temperature controlling. Because in the process of using power bank to charge the phone, the power bank will have a exothermic situation. If in the normal exothermic range, this can be ignored; But if there is abnormal heating, it will pose a threat to the phone and personal safety, in serious cases, which will cause a security incident. Therefore, the role of NTC thermistors in power bank is very important.

Thermistor is usually placed in battery of power bank for temperature monitoring and temperature controlling during charging the phone, allowing the power bank to operate within a safe range. Thus, it can reduce the chance of abnormal heating in the charging process, improve the battery life of the power bank, and ensure personal safety. IT series - miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which size of epoxy coating head is small, accuracy is high, so it’s suitable for a variety of specifications of battery internal temperature monitoring and temperature controlling.

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