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Role of NTC Thermistor in Glucose Meter
2019/05/09 03:05:21

In recent years, with the rapid development of the information age and mobile Internet of medical treatment, mobile medical equipment has become a popular choice for health care workers and patients. Among them, the household glucose meter with its small size and mature technical foundation, become the chief representative of mobile medical treatment. The NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Is high precision, could be up to ±1%, which will be installed in the glucose meter, and its rapid response will help the glucose meter obtain the test data of blood glucose better.


The glucose meter has requirements for the temperature and humidity of the test environment. Generally speaking, the temperature which is suitable for the operation of the blood glucose meter is 10℃~40℃, humidity is 20%~80%, too cold, too hot, too wet environment will affect its test accuracy. Therefore, the NTC thermistor in the glucose meter will play its role in temperature detection and temperature compensation, maintain the stability of the blood glucose meter during measuring process, determine the applicable temperature and humidity of its operation, avoid deviations in the test results, delay the treatment of patients. If the NTC thermistor can be tested at different temperatures and humidity, the closer the data is, the more mature the production and research and development technology of thermistor will be.


At present, the mainstream glucose meter on the market is still electrode type glucose meter. This kind of glucose meter generally uses siphon type of blood collection, which is less blood collection, not affected by the environment bright light, measurement more accurate. The electrode type glucose meter containing NTC thermistor can reduce the inaccuracy of blood glucose meter detection due to temperature problems. Its blood collection site can be the skin, forearm, wrist, earlobes and fingertips in addition to the traditional fingers. And siphon type of blood collection can also reduce the patient's fingertips blood collection pain, the operation is also easier.


The electrode type glucose meter containing NTC thermistor, using electrochemical principle, tests the biochemical enzymes in the blood glucose test paper reaction area and the micro-electric current produced by glucose in the blood, then converts them into glucose concentration readings. Its electrode interface is hidden, can avoid pollution, error range is ±0.2mmo1/L, high precision, in normal use doesn’t need to calibrate, long service life. This method is not affected by strong ambient light, doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly, blood collection samples are generally outside the machine, to avoid the possibility of cross-infection. During the entire measurement process, the high-sensitivity NTC thermistor is essential for detecting minor changes in human temperature and is one of the indispensable components of the glucose meter.

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