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Disposable Skin Temperature Probe and NTC Chip
2019/04/04 02:04:33

Body temperature monitoring is one of the important contents of clinical nursing, the change of body temperature has very important clinical significance for the clear diagnosis, judge disease and analyze curative effect. The traditional method of temperature measurement is to use mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer through the mouth, armpit, rectum and other surface contact to measure the average temperature of the human body. The disadvantage is that the measurement time is longer, the influence of the measured part is large, which brings inconvenience to the user. Medical temperature probes can better monitor body temperature, making the temperature measurement process safer, simpler and more hygienic. It can also provide continuous and accurate temperature data, which is of great significance in clinical nursing.


At present, the temperature measurement sensitivity of most medical temperature probes on the market is poor, and the temperature isn’t accuracy enough. Now, let’s introduce a disposable skin temperature probe, which is fast temperature measurement, high sensitivity and small error, and can monitor the skin surface temperature during surgery or postoperative recovery. It includes a body temperature detector, NTC chip, connecting wire, pasted foam, plug-in terminal, insulated resin sealing layer, stainless steel housing, a meddling handle, adhesive stickers and pits.


This disposable skin temperature probe contains NTC chips in the end of temperature detection, it’s developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is with high precision and high sensitivity. The NTC chip is assembled on a pasted foam and connected to the plug-in terminal via connecting wire. The temperature and impedance signals it outputs are transmitted to the medical monitor via connecting wire and plug-in terminal for more accurate monitoring data. NTC chip also has a wrapping layer, from the inside to the outside of the wrapping layer is insulated resin sealing layer and stainless steel housing, stainless steel housing is affixed to the pasted foam, thus improving the temperature measurement speed of skin surface, increase the contact surface of skin. Disposable skin temperature Probe are discarded after use, which will not be reused, it’s eliminating the complex procedures of repeated disinfection, to avoid the risk of cross infection.


Disposable skin temperature probe is easy to use, short temperature measurement time, accurate and sensitive temperature measurement. Its NTC chip allows it to be better close to the measurement range of the body's body temperature 25℃~45℃, making the error temperature ≤±0.1℃.

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