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NTC Thermistor for Charging Plug
2018/12/27 03:12:40

Since the 90's, charging plug has been widely used in a variety of electronic equipment, electrical equipment. Today, charging plug has become one of the essential tools in our daily lives. A suitable charging plug is required to have an safety certification, the charging plug which have safety certification can protect the personal safety, prevent electric shock, fire and other dangers. NTC thermistor in the charging plug can confirm the optimum operating temperature by measuring the resistance value, thus achieving the purpose of temperature detection and temperature control. NTC thermistor researched, developed, produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is high reliability, high precision, fast response, which can effectively help the charging plug operate safely.


The role of NTC thermistor in charging plugs:


1. Detect change of temperature during charging

2. Detect the heat of the battery caused by abnormal current

The interior of most charging plugs are full-black-oxide printed circuit board and black-based electronic components, and the back of the printed circuit board is a plastic protection frame that acts as a fixer. The inductance, capacitance and transformer at the top of the charging plug are also fitted with the corresponding plastic skeleton to be fixed. On the printed circuit board, is the power master control integrated circuit, NTC thermistor and other electronic components. Among them, SMD type NTC thermistor has excellent thermal cycle endurance, its value of ceramic structure is small, and the characteristics of no lead is suitable for high-density surface mount, it plays an important role in charging plug. Its small size makes it be one of the key roles in a wide range of handheld devices and miniaturized electronic devices. SMD type NTC thermistor provide strong protection for protected components in electronic circuits, making charging plugs operate safer and more efficient.

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