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NTC Thermistor in Cold Chain Products
2018/03/28 04:03:51

NTC Thermistor in Cold Chain Products

In daily life, thermal products are in everywhere. Temperature sensing element in the most familiar is the NTC thermistor.Now the people life can not leave online shopping. The e-business seize the hot introduced to promote all kinds of raw fresh product.

For this major express merchants were quickly launched a cold chain services, cold chain, cold chain) is to point to some food raw materials, processed food, or semi-finished products, special biological products and pharmaceuticals in after acquisition, processing, sterilization, inactivated.In product processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retai are still necessary for product specific low temperature environment, reduce loss, prevent pollution and deterioration to ensure food safety of products, special supply chain system of biological safety, drug safety.

This will need to use to the NTC thermistor for temperature control and monitoring, we all know that general NTC thermistor temperature is about to use it in - 40 ~ 125 degrees or so. And used to the cold chain services customers need to be measurable to - 70 -- 100 degrees of NTC products. For a project of the NTC industry is a challenge. Because NTC products used in tin element in - 70 degrees will occur when the ashing as now.

Exsense electronics technology co., LTD. is specializing in the NTC thermal and related materials research, production, development and sales of private high-tech enterprises. Research to develop a new can be applied to low - 70 ~ 100 degrees of NTC thermistor components.

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