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NTC Thermistor Temperature Cryogenic Reliability Test
2018/03/28 03:03:55

NTC Thermistor Temperature Cryogenic Reliability Test

Everyone knows the general NTC thermistor temperature is about to use it in - 40 ~ 125 degrees or so.And more and more customers need measurable to - 70 -- 100 degrees of NTC products.It is a challenge for the NTC industry. Because that one of the raw materials used in the NTC products of tin element in - 70 degrees will occur when the ashing as now.It also represents products can produce a change, thus affecting the performance of resistance change.
In our company( Exsense Electronics Technology Co.Ltd) specializing in the NTC thermal and related materials research, production, development and sales of private high-tech enterprises.Now researching and developing NTC thermistor components can be applied to low - 70 ~ 100 degrees
As following is a new product some testing data and testing methods of cryopreservation reliability.

NTC thermistor, Cryopreservation test instrument

1.high precision constant temperature oil tank,
2.agilent resistance tester
3.cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank

NTC thermistor cryopreservation test method:
Take out 20 PCS LT102F3250A (25 degrees resistance for the 2 k, B value of 25/50 3250 k) of the NTC thermistor, before testing the following number in this experiment.

2.Check product appearance without exception before test.

3.Comprehensive above and combining with current technology, customers use mainly depend on the temperature control setting, temperature control is inseparable from the NTC thermistor, so the product is also a developing opportunity to our company.Whether can resistance to high temperature or low temperature NTC thermistor has the right market, the use of NTC thermistor products for temperature measurement, temperature control can achieve more accurate, more stable, the advantages of low cost.At the same time we can make corresponding NTC products according to the requirements of different customers.

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