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RT of zero-power resistance value for NTC thermistor / temperature sensor
2018/03/27 10:03:41

The zero-power resistance is the value of a resistance when measured at a specified temperature, under conditions such that the change in resistance due to the internal generation of heat is negligible with respect to the total error of measurement.


Resistance and temperature relationship is:

RT = RN expB (1 / T - 1/TN) 

RT: the temperature T (K) when the NTC thermistor resistance.

RN: the rated temperature TN (K) when the NTC thermistor resistance.

T: specified temperature (K).

B: The material constant of NTC thermistor, alsocalled thermal index.

exp: the natural number e for the index (e = 2.71828 ...).

The accuracy for this relationship is only use in the limited range of rated temperature TN or rated resistor RN as the material B constant is a function of temperature T.
Description: The rated zero-power resistance is the nominal value at the standard temperature of 25℃ unless otherwise specified.

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